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I am really tired of Westerners (yesterday, on this blog it was a Canadian – CANADIAN!) chastizing me about not being Arab enough, not fighting Israel enough, not pushing for the Arab cause enough.
What in the world is that?
[Sorry for this storm of emotion, but I believe blogs are the place to publicly display righteous indignation.]
Who in the world is a Canadian to tell me such things?
Because he thinks I should be fighting for the Arab cause, I need to: live without electricity; live under constant bombardment; live with terrorism; live without running water; live in constant fear of violence from all around (remember, pan-Arabists love to fight each other, too).

Read more: Lebanese Political Journal (via scrupeda, thanks.)

So I say… lets try saying… we want Iran as a Jewish state and see what the regime in Iran can come up with! After all Jews… have been living in Iran for some 2000 years… perhaps the not so bright Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will now dress in a Rabbi suit to convince us… the regime in Iran has the winning card up their sleeve!

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